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Food tech solutions for the future.

”Bringing the JAPAN brand to the world
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excellent food creators and producers (farmers)

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Devolopment menu

Modern world,where we can connect with people and countries around the world , it is important to recognize diverse food cultures and values,and to respect each other . NES`s aim is to provide menus that can be enjoyed around the same dining table with a smile, regardless of customs and restrictions regarding food.

Devolopment team

World-class food creators support NES development projects. We aim to contribute to society through menu development and venture businesses by experienced chefs,registered dietitians, and elites.

Food creator

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At NES join, chefs, pastry chefs, sushi, soba, bread and japanese confectionary craftsmen who have been active in the cooking industry or are currently active will cooperate in inheriting japanese techniques and promoting the JAPAN brand to the world .

Nes’s Join matches the techniques that (food creators) have cultivated over the years with producers (farmers) who are committed to producing raw materials in japan、and maximizes each asset . The purpose is to connect benefit(profit and social contribution ) by activating it.

Nes’s Join provides matching and support for registered people so that they can be active globally, such as product development, sales, and store opening consultants for domestic and overseas markets.

Food creator Registration

At NES,we are looking forward to the participation of people with cooking experience (Food creators) who can play an active role in the field of food development . We are also looking forward to registering experts and industry experienced people who aim to create trend-creating planning operations and total food solutions together as human resources who take on the challenge of solving food problems.

Producer Registrations (Farmer)

At NES, we are looking forward to registering producers who can provide us with the finest ingredients.In addition to local productions for local consumption, let's spread the JAPAN brand to the world . In addition , we would like to cooperate with producers who support "Food loss activities" such as non-standard fruits and vegetables that can not be shipped to solve problems . We welcome registrations from farmers and producers all over the country.

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Chefs engaged in food development
and experts working on food issues

Producers who can provide discerning ingredients